ZKL extends its product range of grease and oils

Powertransmissions - ZKL extends its product range of grease and oilsZKL extends its product range and offers to customers the integrity of the supplies, in which can be supplied bearings ZKL together with bearing grease ZKL.

Quality of the bearings in connection with a quality grease ZKL and appropriate method of grease are essential for really long life.

Current plastic grease and oils ZKL designed for grease of the bearings can be compare with top products from renowned manufacturers such as SKF, FAG, SHELL, Klüber etc.

Grease ZKL are based on highly refined mineral bases and their properties are enhanced by various additives, by which is achieved the desired properties - such as high pressure, corrosion, antioxidant, de-emulsification, etc.

You can see on the website ZKL, in the section Grease, selection tables of the grease and data sheets of the individual types of grease and their precise determination of the using and specifications.


Source: ZKL

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