Trelleborg – NEW – Sealing technology e-learning now available.

Powertransmissions - NEW Sealing technology e-learning now available

As part of a continuously growing, comprehensive learning offering for customers on the web, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches two e-Learning modules: “O-Rings” and “Hydraulic Seals”. Each module consists of three to four lessons focusing on different aspects, such as, material selection or application layout.

“Future e-learning modules will cover the basics of sealing technology for all major sealing product areas,” says Robert Zahiri, Director Global Marketing and Communications. “Our aim is to answer questions most commonly asked by design engineers when facing sealing challenges.”

Introductory lessons for the e-learning modules can be accessed free of charge by everyone. The complete e-learning modules are available by buying a subscription or using a Trelleborg voucher code to access the complete learning modules.

The e-learning program from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be expanded progressively. Next in the schedule are modules on “Rotary Seals” and “Seal Installation Instructions”, to be released later this year.

Take a quick look! Here are the introductory lessons for the first two learning modules:


Source: Trelleborg

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