Trelleborg celebrates the birth of Rubore® technology 25 years ago

Powertransmissions - Trelleborg celebrates the birth of Rubore® technology 25 years agoFrom its humble beginnings in the kitchen of Percy Josefsson, the Rubore® process is now used in brake shims to damp brake noise on the majority of cars worldwide.


On 29 June 2013, Trelleborg celebrated the 25th birthday of Rubore® technology at its birthplace in Kalmar, Sweden.

Stefan Lundström, President of Damping Solutions at Trelleborg, says: “We are very proud of the unique Rubore® technology and in particular that after 25 years it continues to meet the ever increasing demands of our automotive customers. Though the principles behind the process remain the same, we are continually challenging ourselves to provide innovations in applications for the technology and we see major opportunities for the product globally.

The birthday celebrations were attended by numerous Trelleborg personnel from around the world including President of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Claus Barsoe and Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications for Trelleborg Group, Patrik Romberg.

Rubore® Technology

Claus Barsoe and Stefan Lundström

Rubore® technology is an advanced production process used to create a three to five layer rubber-to-metal sandwich by applying a bonding agent to metal carriers and then vulcanizing rubber to the coated metal.

It is world-leading in anti-vibration applications for the automotive industry and its use has now been extended into a range of advanced Rubore® seals for automotive applications. The process allows for development of components that offer significant weight-savings and unrivalled total cost reduction that are only achievable through this method of production.


Source: Trelleborg

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