Tests measure differences among Falk Steelflex, Lovejoy, and Dodge grid couplings

Powertransmissions - Tests measure differences among Falk Steelflex, Lovejoy, and Dodge grid couplingsRecent third party testing was conducted on Falk Steelflex, Lovejoy and Dodge grid couplings to quantify differences in performance and durability, and understand the affects on coupling performance when one branded part is interchanged with another.

The tests prove Falk Steelflex grid couplings offer the lowest total cost of ownership by standing up to impact loading and misalignment longer than the competition.

“The tests found that Falk Steelflex grid couplings are 4.7x more durable than Dodge’s grid coupling and 16x more durable than Lovejoy’s,” explained Charlie Kopplin, Global Product Manager, Couplings. “This saves the customer time and money through fewer replacements, less frequent inspections and less hub damage.”

Although Dodge, Lovejoy and other competitors market their grid elements as “fit-for-fit” or interchangeable with Falk Steelflex grid elements, the tests show that doing so will reduce durability by 87.5%.

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“Even though many grid couplings look similar, a huge gap in performance remains between brands,” added Kopplin. “Although interchanging parts between coupling brands will transfer torque initially, the durability and performance of the Falk Steelflex coupling will be compromised.”


Source: Couplingtips


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