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ContiTech Outstanding Interior Surfaces

Powertransmissions - ContiTech Outstanding Interior SurfacesWith materials made by Benecke-Kaliko, the new Opel Adam wins design prize for the best interior of a production car

A major award for an iconic city car and its interior surfaces made by Benecke-Kaliko: At the "Automotive Interiors Expo 2013" trade show in Stuttgart, the new Opel Adam won the design prize for the best interior in a factory-built vehicle. It is the first factory-built vehicle to feature Benecke-Kaliko's new scratch-resistant surface materials. The Opel designers benefited from Benecke-Kaliko's unique simulation technology. It allowed for realization of the best-possible dashboard design.

The international jury of renowned motoring journalists awarded the prize in recognition of the almost limitless personalization options for the interior styling of the Open Adam. The nearly 82,000 combinations feasible make it possible to fulfill almost every wish. Round instruments in the classic chronograph style, distinctly trendy lighting, chrome-finished controls, and the highly scratch-resistant TEPEO 2® Protect surface on the dashboard are all important design features.

Benecke-Kaliko took two years to develop this innovative material. The secret to its scratch-resistance lies in the use of polymers that elude sharp objects. On contact with hard edges, the elastic material simply yields before returning to its original form. Acella® cover material, also made by Benecke-Kaliko, reinforces the positive impression in the cockpit. It is used for the two-tone door inserts, while Beneron® compact foil is employed for the heelmat.

The numerous personalization options also pose a major challenge for the design teams. Instead of the usual handful of interior variants, thousands were developed for the Opel Adam. In addition to different color combinations, customers can also choose between different surface grains. Benecke-Kaliko was able to assist Opel here with its unique simulation technology.


3D-simulation helps save a lot of time and money in the development phase. It simulates the manufacture of components such as dashboards and door trims down to the smallest detail. Benecke-Kaliko was thus able to assist Opel with the dashboard in the design stage. It was in a position to provide rapid feedback on whether the requested design could be realized and where thin areas, creases or grain distortions might occur. As Michael Mäker, head of the Technology Center for Surfaces at Benecke-Kaliko explains: "End consumers would not be willing to accept relatively large and uneven distortions, particularly in the case of technical grains of the kind used on the Opel Adam." The Benecke-Kaliko simulation allowed the dashboard to be optimized for the best result. The latest version of the Surfvis™ 3D simulation program can represent the grain itself, enabling a photo-realistic display of the surfaces on the component.

Commenting on the award, Benecke-Kaliko Executive Board chairman Dr. Dirk Leiß noted: "This prize is another outstanding example of the surface expertise of the Benecke-Kaliko Group. In the end, our willingness to try out new things, our enthusiasm, and our creativity and initiative were rewarded."

The design award for the ambitious Opel Adam concept, with innovative interior materials made by Benecke-Kaliko, is not the first such prize conferred. Just launched in April of this year, the new model has already won five titles as part of the respected "Plus X Award" innovation competition as well as the important Red Dot Design Award.


Source: Contitech


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