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eBike drive system for eFlow

150323_e-flow_1The result of an OEM cooperation with individual Continental eBike drive system has been presented at the 28th Taipei Cycle Show end of March 2015. For the bicycle manufacturer eFlow with its European headquarter in Fürth, Germany (close to Nuremburg), its patented seat tube battery of the eBike model CM2 / CM2FS became part of the Continental eBike system. “Our battery concept integrated into the seat tube is a unique specialty of our eFlow eBike series”, says Bernd Adamski, directing manager of eFlow Europe GmbH. “We are glad about having a strong and competent partner like Continental that allows us the flexibility to remain our unique product feature.” The eFlow model will be launched in 2015 and will be distributed through bicycle dealers in the German, Swiss and Austrian market.

“The integration of a system-alien battery sounds relatively easy. But it is underlying an extensive development process”, explains Richard Hilgart, product manager of Continental’s product market segment Two-Wheeler, the challenges of system integrated solutions and ads: “Complex hardware and software adaptations were necessary to make both technologies compatible to each other. In this case, especially the battery management system had to be modified to enable the communication between eBike drive system and seat tube battery.”

The integration of the eFlow seat tube battery into the Continental eBike system bases on a close partnership and combines innovative technologies of both sides. Customized system solutions for OEM bicycle manufacturers include the individual hardware integration into the bicycle or eBike concept, the adaptation of the software for an optimized communication in-between all components as well as several design customization options. Also the tires are from Continental.



ContiTech to Present the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM at Eurobike

Powertransmissions - ContiTech to Present the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM at EurobikeContiTech will be presenting the CONTI® DRIVE System at booth 102 in hall B1 of Eurobike 2013 in Friedrichshafen from August 28 to 31. Developed in collaboration with Benchmark Drives, this drive technology employs a timing belt in place of the conventional chain on bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes. For short trips in congested areas, e-bicycles offer a favorable alternative to the car – travel is quick, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, and you no longer need to look for a parking spot.


The innovative CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM offers a number of advantages over chains: It works without oil, does not have to be retensioned, is maintenance-free, and will not ruin your trousers or get your hands dirty. The tooth profile sets it apart from other belt systems: Despite less pre-tensioning, there is no skipping of the teeth in the cogs, pedaling is easier, and the bearings do not rust as quickly. Delivery commences in the third quarter of 2013. Manufacturers can start placing orders as of September.

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM allows for various gear ratios. It is offered with different front and rear toothed pulleys and is also compatible with the gear hubs most widely offered by many manufacturers. This makes the timing belt drive equally suitable for long trekking tours and short runs in the city.


Source: Contitech

ContiTech Outstanding Interior Surfaces

Powertransmissions - ContiTech Outstanding Interior SurfacesWith materials made by Benecke-Kaliko, the new Opel Adam wins design prize for the best interior of a production car

A major award for an iconic city car and its interior surfaces made by Benecke-Kaliko: At the "Automotive Interiors Expo 2013" trade show in Stuttgart, the new Opel Adam won the design prize for the best interior in a factory-built vehicle. It is the first factory-built vehicle to feature Benecke-Kaliko's new scratch-resistant surface materials. The Opel designers benefited from Benecke-Kaliko's unique simulation technology. It allowed for realization of the best-possible dashboard design.

The international jury of renowned motoring journalists awarded the prize in recognition of the almost limitless personalization options for the interior styling of the Open Adam. The nearly 82,000 combinations feasible make it possible to fulfill almost every wish. Round instruments in the classic chronograph style, distinctly trendy lighting, chrome-finished controls, and the highly scratch-resistant TEPEO 2® Protect surface on the dashboard are all important design features.

Benecke-Kaliko took two years to develop this innovative material. The secret to its scratch-resistance lies in the use of polymers that elude sharp objects. On contact with hard edges, the elastic material simply yields before returning to its original form. Acella® cover material, also made by Benecke-Kaliko, reinforces the positive impression in the cockpit. It is used for the two-tone door inserts, while Beneron® compact foil is employed for the heelmat.

The numerous personalization options also pose a major challenge for the design teams. Instead of the usual handful of interior variants, thousands were developed for the Opel Adam. In addition to different color combinations, customers can also choose between different surface grains. Benecke-Kaliko was able to assist Opel here with its unique simulation technology.


3D-simulation helps save a lot of time and money in the development phase. It simulates the manufacture of components such as dashboards and door trims down to the smallest detail. Benecke-Kaliko was thus able to assist Opel with the dashboard in the design stage. It was in a position to provide rapid feedback on whether the requested design could be realized and where thin areas, creases or grain distortions might occur. As Michael Mäker, head of the Technology Center for Surfaces at Benecke-Kaliko explains: "End consumers would not be willing to accept relatively large and uneven distortions, particularly in the case of technical grains of the kind used on the Opel Adam." The Benecke-Kaliko simulation allowed the dashboard to be optimized for the best result. The latest version of the Surfvis™ 3D simulation program can represent the grain itself, enabling a photo-realistic display of the surfaces on the component.

Commenting on the award, Benecke-Kaliko Executive Board chairman Dr. Dirk Leiß noted: "This prize is another outstanding example of the surface expertise of the Benecke-Kaliko Group. In the end, our willingness to try out new things, our enthusiasm, and our creativity and initiative were rewarded."

The design award for the ambitious Opel Adam concept, with innovative interior materials made by Benecke-Kaliko, is not the first such prize conferred. Just launched in April of this year, the new model has already won five titles as part of the respected "Plus X Award" innovation competition as well as the important Red Dot Design Award.


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ContiTech Purchases Conveyor Belt Manufacturer – Strengthens Position in the USA

Powertransmissions - ContiTech Purchases Conveyor Belt Manufacturer – Strengthens Position in the USAConveyor Belt Group acquires Legg Company • New opportunities in the U.S. market • Own production facilities in the NAFTA region

ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group, Northeim, is expanding its North American business by acquiring the conveyor belt manufacturer Legg Company Inc. based in Halstead, Kansas. Founded in 1964, the company owns modern production facilities and employs approximately 100 people. Production focuses on conveyor belts for industrial applications – e.g. in cement plants, paper mills, the food processing industry, and storage warehouses – as well as special-purpose belts for agricultural machinery.

"This acquisition means that in the future we will have our own production facilities for agricultural and industrial belts in the USA as well as an established sales network in the USA and Canada," says Hans-Jürgen Duensing, head of the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group business unit. "This supports our expansion in the NAFTA region and supplements our production site in Mexico."

With this acquisition, ContiTech is widening its product range particularly in the fields of harvesters, straw cutters, silicone belts, flat belts, and – in particular – lightweight belts. Closing of the transaction took place on July 1, 2013. Both parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


Source: Contitech

ContiTech: Timing Belts Drive Modern Engines

Powertransmissions - ContiTech Timing Belts Drive Modern Engines

Timing belts improve emission and noise properties • Complete range for the automotive aftermarket

Timing belts on the advance: European automakers are increasingly turning to timing belts again instead of chains to drive timing gear. “In terms of improving fuel efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions from internal combustion engines, belts offer significant advantages over chains,” declares Markus Pirsch, Head of the Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Service in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. “Their importance will continue to grow in the aftermarket, too.” These advantages are also borne out by independent studies.

According to the independent engineering services provider FEV GmbH, a belt drive ensures lower fuel consumption than a chain drive and, as a result, cuts CO2 emissions. In a 1.6 l gasoline engine, for example, a belt drive reduces fuel consumption by more than one percent and saves up to 1.5 grams CO2 per kilometer. Timing belts are also lighter and run considerably more quietly. In addition, belts do almost not stretch. This is key advantage, since the timings change when the chain becomes longer. As a result, consumption rises and performance decreases. Emission limits are thus quickly exceeded.

In Europe many major automakers are now enjoying the benefits of timing belts in their engines. “The EcoBoost, Ford’s engine of the year, runs with belts, and timing belts can be found at Volkswagen and PSA as well,” says Pirsch. “In light of the rapid pace of technological development, it is all the more important for workshops to have the right products and the necessary know-how to hand.” New belts from ContiTech are therefore also available for the aftermarket shortly after they start to be fitted as original equipment in production vehicles.

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group offers an extensive range of timing belts and timing belt kits for the automotive aftermarket. At the start of the year 22 new timing belt kits plus water pump were introduced. Workshops can also get the appropriate tool for belt changing from ContiTech. The power transmission technology specialist’s training courses also ensure that automotive professionals are always fully conversant with the latest technology. The online PIC service (Product Information Center) provides detailed product information.


Source: Contitech

ContiTech Inaugurates Plant in Serbia

Powertransmissions - ContiTech Inaugurates Plant in SerbiaLocation supplies hoses lines for the European auto industry • Workforce to climb to 250 by year's end

After a construction time span of just nine months, Hanover-based ContiTech AG has inaugurated a production plant for hose lines in northern Serbia. Since October 2012, the plant has already been supplying customers in the auto industry. In the meantime, the site employs around 150. The head count is expected to climb to 250 by year's end.

ContiTech invested more than ten million euros in the new facility. Certified to all required quality standards, the plant expands the production capacity of hose line specialist ContiTech Fluid Technology, a ContiTech business group.  Subotica assembles hose lines for the powertrain and supplies these to European automakers. Each year, the plant produces a grand total of 1.8 million units, broken down into around eighty different parts.

Subotica plant

Citing one of the location's major advantages, Matthias Schönberg, head of the ContiTech Fluid Technology business group notes: "Subotica offers an excellent logistical hookup to our customers. Further advantages are a local labor market that offers just what we need and close proximity to sister plants in Szeged, Hungary, and Timișoara, Romania."

There is enough room to eventually expand further on the plot in the bonded zone in the Mali Bajmok industrial park. The production hall originally erected there measures 7,200 square meters (77,500 sq. feet).

Subotica plant

ContiTech Fluid Technology produces hose line systems for the auto industry as well as for the plant and machine engineering, oil production and numerous other industries. In 2012, its over 14,000 employees realized €1,360 million in sales.

In 2009, ContiTech previously purchases the Serbian conveyor belt company Kolubara Univerzal and has since produced conveyor belts in Veliki Crljeni, south of Belgrade, for the Central and Eastern European market.


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ContiTech Diagnostic Tools Assist Workshops

Powertransmissions - ContiTech Diagnostic Tools Assist WorkshopsTester ensures multiple V-ribbed belts are changed at right time • Laser for accurate alignment measurement • Tension tester for timing and multiple V-ribbed belts • Videos demonstrate operation

It’s indispensable: workshops are increasingly dependent on the assistance of diagnostic technology for servicing and repairs. Devices from the ContiTech Power Transmission Group enable auto mechanics to identify and repair belt drive faults easily. The tools available are a belt wear tester, a laser for alignment measurements and a tension tester.

Checking Wear
Multiple V-ribbed belt wear – as a result of the effects of heat, deposits and operationally induced abrasion in the ancillary component drive – is not always visible with the naked eye. ContiTech’s Belt Wear Tester (BWT) reliably detects the degree of wear by checking the profile geometry of the individual ribs. This enables professionals to determine precisely whether the multiple V-ribbed belt needs to be changed. Important: This test does not replace the specified servicing intervals, but assists workshop professionals in assessing the belt condition. The tester comes complete with instructions. There is also a product film showing how to operate it. The video is available online at www.contitech.de/aam-en in the ‘Service & Accessories’ section. It can also be accessed on YouTube.

ContiTech Power Transmission Group’s laser

Laser for Reliable Alignment Measurement
The LASER TOOL measures whether all the pulleys in the belt drive are aligned. This provides a fast and dependable means of identifying alignment faults in the belt drive. A correct diagnosis is essential for rectifying faults in order to guarantee trouble-free operation of the belt drive. Incorrectly aligned belt pulleys are frequently the cause of noisy multiple V-ribbed belt drives or premature wear of the belt. The ContiTech LASER TOOL can be used for all automotive multiple V-ribbed belt drives, including those with synthetic pulleys. A product video is also available for the LASER TOOL.

Belt Tension Tester Hz (BTT Hz)

Measuring Belt Tension
The correct tension is of great importance for the belt drive. Fitters must not rely on their intuition here; they need to work on the basis of precise figures. The Belt Tension Tester Hz (BTT Hz) accurately measures the tension of timing and multiple V-ribbed belts in accordance with the most up-to-date method – frequency measurements in hertz. Operation is very simple, via just two buttons. An integral self-calibration system increases the measurement reliability.


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ContiTech – Industrial Air Actuators from ContiTech now ATEX-certified

Powertransmissions -  ContiTech - Industrial Air Actuators from ContiTech now ATEX-certifiedContiTech Air Spring Systems now also offers air actuators that fulfill the requirements for ATEX certification. This makes them suitable for numerous applications in industrial sectors with explosion-prone areas. As Category 2 and 3 equipment (Equipment Group II), they can be used particularly in atmospheres containing gas or dust. The ATEX-certified products from ContiTech are available as single-, double- and triple convolution products with diameters from 80 mm to 950 mm.


The ATEX guideline has been in force in the European Union since 2003 and is applicable for pneumatic components among others. “The certification of our air actuator products was an important step. We can now supply our industrial customers with an alternative design for pneumatic applications in potentially explosive areas,” explains Dr. Olaf Kluth, segment manager at ContiTech Air Spring Systems. For more than 50 years, ContiTech air springs and air actuators have been used for an extremely wide range of industrial applications. ContiTech air springs and air actuators exhibit uniquely impressive product properties and long service life under demanding operating conditions.


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Investment agreement between Continental and Schaeffler ends in May 2014

Investment agreement between Continental and Schaeffler ends in May 2014

The Schaeffler Group today gave notice of their intention to terminate the investment agreement in place since 2008. The agreement will be terminated effective May 2014.

Continental AG and the Schaeffler Group together with its shareholders entered into the investment agreement on August 20, 2008 with the involvement of former German Chan-cellor Dr. Gerhard Schroeder. It governs their cooperation with respect to Schaeffler’s position as the largest single shareholder of Continental AG. Schaeffler currently holds 49.9 percent of the Continental AG shares.

The investment agreement no longer has any practical relevance for either company since key provisions of the agreement expired in August 2012. Schaeffler and Continental have benefitted from their excellent and pragmatic cooperation for years and will continue this cooperation in the future.

„As Continental AG’s major shareholder, we are very pleased with Continental’s achievements over the past few years. We consider our investment in Continental a long-term strategic investment aimed at sustainably increasing the value of Continental AG,” stated Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler and Georg F.W. Schaeffler, shareholders of the Schaeffler Group.



Source: Schaeffler

Automechanika Dubai: ContiTech Presents Strong Brands for Air Spring Replacement Business

Automechanika Dubai - ContiTech Presents Strong Brands for Air Spring Replacement Business

Broad three-brand product range fulfills various demands in replacement business • Web app for smartphones finds right air spring

From June 11 – 13, 2013, ContiTech will be presenting three strong air spring brands for the commercial vehicle replacement market at Automechanika Dubai, held at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Alongside original air springs in the ContiTech premium brand, the Phoenix and PRIME-RIDE® brands will also be presented at booth 7AM105 in hall 7. They fulfill various requirements of customers in the replacement business. “With our brand strategy, we offer attractive alternatives to copied air springs of poorer quality. We win over customers in every market segment with an optimal price/performance ratio,” says Dirk Hoffmeister, segment head at ContiTech Air Spring Systems.

ContiTech Air Spring Systems is also highlighting its web app for the air spring replacement business. This service lets smartphone users find the ContiTech air spring that best suits their application, anytime and anywhere. The user enters a competitor designation or the OE part number. The app then finds the right ContiTech air spring or offers an alternative Phoenix brand spring. In a submenu, users can also access useful product info, such as technical data and drawings based on the ContiTech online catalog. The web app from ContiTech is available at www.contitech.de/cv-app and can also be downloaded directly onto a smartphone by scanning the corresponding QR code on information brochures and advertisements.

ContiTech has been active in the United Arab Emirates since 2004 and has also been routinely represented at Automechanika Dubai. “As the region's largest exhibition for the automobile replacement market, the trade show has steadily grown in importance,” says Dirk Hoffmeister. “Dubai is a focal point for the markets of Europe, East Africa and the Far East. This makes it an ideal exhibition site and enables it to attract key exhibitors. The exhibition offers us the perfect setup for showing off our expertise in the replacement market.”


Source: Contitech

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