SKF wins service orders for over SEK 200 million in Latin America

Powertransmissions - SKF wins service orders for over SEK 200 million in Latin AmericaSKF has recently won a number of long-term contracts to provide companies in Latin America with services ranging from machine lubrication to condition monitoring.

“Maintenance costs are a large part of the total cost of ownership. What we provide for these customers is SKF’s knowledge of their industry and the application of this knowledge to improve their productivity and increase the asset life cycle of their equipment,” says Wim Stam, Latin American Regional Director for SKF Industrial Market, Regional Sales and Service.

One of these, a five-year contract worth SEK 115 million, will see SKF deliver maintenance services to one of Brazil’s largest metal producers. As part of the performance-based contract, SKF will inspect and monitor the condition of its customers’ machines to anticipate potential issues and prevent defects from occurring.

Another contract is a four-year lubrication service contract worth SEK 55 million in Peru, where SKF will supply lubrication tools to one of the world’s biggest copper producers. SKF will plan, schedule, execute and manage the lubrication of the customer’s mine equipment, including trucks, shovels and drills; and also its concentrator plant equipment, including conveyor belts, crushers, ball mills and flotation cells.

In Chile, SKF has signed a SEK 34 million technology contract for a major copper producer. The project will focus on monitoring the condition of the customer’s critical mining equipment in its concentrator and roasting plant. SKF will provide products, specialised detailed engineering services, project installation and supervision.

Added to this, SKF recently secured a five-year contract worth SEK 10 million with a packaging solutions company in Ecuador. SKF’s asset management services for the customer will include planning and improving maintenance strategy, and performing maintenance work, including lubrication management, on an ongoing basis.


Source: SKF

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