SKF WAVE seal generates up to 35% less heat

Powertransmissions - SKF WAVE seal generates up to 35 Percent less heat

SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has launched the SKF WAVE seal, a low friction shaft sealing solution that boosts sustainability and minimises failure in a range of applications. The innovation is one of many recent advances from SKF that combine increased efficiency with enhanced performance.
The SKF WAVE seal achieves these improvements through a specially moulded lip that forms a wave pattern around the shaft surface, pumping lubricant back to the bearing, while pushing contamination away, regardless which way the shaft is turning. The specially designed lip extends seal lifespan by generating up to 35% less heat at the contact point, reducing incidents of premature seal failure caused by heat, blistering, hardening or lubricant breakdown. The SKF WAVE seal also creates 20% less friction torque, and provides greater lip lubrication than standard lip versions, offering a more environmentally-friendly sealing solution on many levels.
The seal is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including gearboxes, speed reducers, transmissions, motors, drive systems and pumps. To enable the maximum number of users and applications to benefit from the SKF WAVE seal, versions are available with a pressure profile for applications where pressure differential across the seal is higher than normal.
The SKF WAVE seal can be supplied in nitrile or fluoro rubber to fit shaft diameters from 12 to 280mm. A non-hardening, water-based polyacrylate coating on the outside diameter of the seal helps fill small imperfections in the housing bore.
Source: SKF
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