NHBB Acquires European Company Specializing in Ceramic Bearing Technology

Powertransmissions - NHBB Acquires European Company Specializing in Ceramic Bearing TechnologyNew Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (NHBB), a leading US-based bearing supplier to the aerospace, defense, dental, and medical markets, and subsidiary of Minebea Co., Ltd., has acquired all of the shares of CEROBEAR® GmbH, the world’s preeminent manufacturer of innovative bearings featuring technologically advanced ceramics.

This strategic acquisition provides significant competitive advantages to both companies. CEROBEAR gains access to the global manufacturing and marketing resources of NHBB and Minebea, enabling the company to rapidly expand its worldwide customer base in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. By partnering with CEROBEAR, whose core strength is ceramic technology development, NHBB is now in a position to assist its aerospace customers with the adoption of ceramic bearing technology in a wider range of aircraft applications. Ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearing technology is gaining wider acceptance with aircraft and engine manufacturers as they continue their search for innovative materials and solutions that reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency.

As a result of the acquisition, CEROBEAR becomes a part of the NHBB/myonic Business Unit within the global manufacturing conglomerate, Minebea, and will operate as an independent subsidiary under NHBB. With the addition of CEROBEAR this month and myonic GmbH in 2009, the NHBB/myonic Business Unit now operates three manufacturing facilities in the US, two in Germany, and one in Czech Republic.


Source: NHBB

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