Kaydon Bearings unveils bearing selector tool

Powertransmissions - Kaydon Bearings unveils bearing selector tool

Muskegon, Michigan, USA...Kaydon Corporation Bearings Division has added an interactive bearing selector to its website.

"The selector makes it easy for engineers and designers to search our standard thin section bearing catalog by dimensions or part number," said Les Miller, Kaydon vice president of engineering. "Results include 2D and 3D drawing downloads, making the selection process easier."

The bearing selector allows users to search by bore size, outside diameter, and/or width minimums and maximums, in inches or millimeters. It also makes it easy to find a part's dimensional information and 3D drawings if the user knows all or a portion of a part number. The selector includes Reali-Slim® open, sealed, stainless steel, and metric bearings; Endurakote®-plated bearings; and Ultra-Slim® extra thin section bearings. Learn more about the benefits of thin section bearings.

Selector results can be further refined using Kaydon Reali-Design® engineering software, which computes basic life and load analyses and safe operating speeds.


Source: Kaydon

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