Igus develops blue polymer bearing materials for food and drink processing equipment

Powertransmissions - Igus develops blue polymer bearing materials for food and drink processing equipmentIgus UK has developed two food-grade polymer bearing materials — Iglidur A181 and Iglidur A160 — that are compliant with both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specification for repeated contact with food and the EU 10/2011 Directive. The materials have been designed to allow food manufacturers to increase the reliability of their processes while producing food to the highest standards.

The polymer bearings do not contain any ingredients that can cause harm if ingested and do not deteriorate or change the composition of food.

They are suitable for all food and drink processing and preparation equipment.

See ’related articles’ to watch a video about the blue Iglidur bearings from Igus.

Additional information

* The Iglidur A181 bearing material has good resistance to chemicals and can be used universally in a variety of applications
* The Iglidur A160 bearing offers very high chemical resistance as well as being cost effective
* The bearings are coloured blue, allowing them to be easily detected in case any particles enter the production line
* They can improve machine performance, according to Igus
* The bearings are wear resistant and lubricant and maintenance free, increasing reliability
* The bearing materials are available in diameters from 6mm up to 20mm from stock
* They are tested for millions of cycles in real-world applications and environments


Source: Igus

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