Gates – Ferrules simplify hydraulic hose coupling connections

Powertransmissions - Ferrules simplify hydraulic hose coupling connectionsGates Corp. has launched a new line of six ferrules to complement its GlobalSpiral couplings for use on its wire-braid hydraulic hoses. Using these new components can simplify machine design, replacing up to 143 wire-braid couplings, for reduced inventory, weight, and costs.

The GlobalSpiral couplings were originally designed for use with just spiral-wire hydraulic hose. With the new ferrules, GlobalSpiral stem inventory is now compatible with both spiral-wire and wire-braid hose. This “one stem solution” offers simple, no-skive installation for fast, secure assemblies, with job done with 96% fewer parts, while reducing carrying costs by up to 90%.

GlobalSpiral couplings feature the “bite-the-wire” crimp, which allows for building no-skive assemblies that improve coupling retention and prevent blow-offs. Gates Full-Torque Nut technology prevents over-torquing that can cause leaks. GlobalSpiral couplings have been tested up to 600,000 impulse cycles and 4-times working pressure for reliability and long life.

They are designed for use with size -6, -8, -10, -12, -16, and -20 wire-braid hoses. They can be used with Gates Omnicrimp, Powercrimp, and GC models of crimpers.

Gates GlobalSpiral couplings, which are machined from unleaded steel bar stock, can handle working pressures to 6,000 psi.


Source: Gates

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