eBike drive system for eFlow

150323_e-flow_1The result of an OEM cooperation with individual Continental eBike drive system has been presented at the 28th Taipei Cycle Show end of March 2015. For the bicycle manufacturer eFlow with its European headquarter in Fürth, Germany (close to Nuremburg), its patented seat tube battery of the eBike model CM2 / CM2FS became part of the Continental eBike system. “Our battery concept integrated into the seat tube is a unique specialty of our eFlow eBike series”, says Bernd Adamski, directing manager of eFlow Europe GmbH. “We are glad about having a strong and competent partner like Continental that allows us the flexibility to remain our unique product feature.” The eFlow model will be launched in 2015 and will be distributed through bicycle dealers in the German, Swiss and Austrian market.

“The integration of a system-alien battery sounds relatively easy. But it is underlying an extensive development process”, explains Richard Hilgart, product manager of Continental’s product market segment Two-Wheeler, the challenges of system integrated solutions and ads: “Complex hardware and software adaptations were necessary to make both technologies compatible to each other. In this case, especially the battery management system had to be modified to enable the communication between eBike drive system and seat tube battery.”

The integration of the eFlow seat tube battery into the Continental eBike system bases on a close partnership and combines innovative technologies of both sides. Customized system solutions for OEM bicycle manufacturers include the individual hardware integration into the bicycle or eBike concept, the adaptation of the software for an optimized communication in-between all components as well as several design customization options. Also the tires are from Continental.



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