ContiTech to Present the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM at Eurobike

Powertransmissions - ContiTech to Present the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM at EurobikeContiTech will be presenting the CONTI® DRIVE System at booth 102 in hall B1 of Eurobike 2013 in Friedrichshafen from August 28 to 31. Developed in collaboration with Benchmark Drives, this drive technology employs a timing belt in place of the conventional chain on bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes. For short trips in congested areas, e-bicycles offer a favorable alternative to the car – travel is quick, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, and you no longer need to look for a parking spot.


The innovative CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM offers a number of advantages over chains: It works without oil, does not have to be retensioned, is maintenance-free, and will not ruin your trousers or get your hands dirty. The tooth profile sets it apart from other belt systems: Despite less pre-tensioning, there is no skipping of the teeth in the cogs, pedaling is easier, and the bearings do not rust as quickly. Delivery commences in the third quarter of 2013. Manufacturers can start placing orders as of September.

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM allows for various gear ratios. It is offered with different front and rear toothed pulleys and is also compatible with the gear hubs most widely offered by many manufacturers. This makes the timing belt drive equally suitable for long trekking tours and short runs in the city.


Source: Contitech

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