ABB introduces innovative approach to optimize critical infrastructure

Powertransmissions -  ABB introduces innovative approach to optimize critical infrastructure

Ventyx World event in San Francisco showcases new Asset Health Center solution that combines the strength of IT and OT to optimize performance and manage critical infrastructure like power grids

Zurich, Switzerland, June 12, 2013 – ABB, the world’s leading power and automation group, is presenting an innovative software solution, which helps utilities and industries to ensure the reliability of critical infrastructure like power transmission grids.

The new Asset Health Center (AHC) solution combines ABB’s power expertise and operational technologies (OT) such as transformers, circuit breakers and batteries installed in substations, with business enterprise IT (information technology) software from Ventyx to enable automation of processes, help manage critical assets more efficiently, prioritize maintenance and repair activities and facilitate a range of other activities to facilitate performance and reliability. This combination of reliability and economy supports cost-effective expansion of grids as they evolve to integrate renewable energy sources and new loads such as electric vehicles.

American Electric Power (AEP) recently announced plans to deploy AHC in all of its transmission substations across the country. AEP is one of the leading power utilities in the US with around 38,000 megawatts of generating capacity and a 39,000-mile electricity transmission network – the largest in the nation.

As increasing demands are placed on critical infrastructure, installations are being equipped with sophisticated sensors and communication devices to add intelligence and streamline operations. The data thus gathered helps operators to plan more effectively and contribute to both the reliability and efficiency of the systems they run. This helps enhance reliability and extend the life of the installations

By combining OT with IT applications, vast quantities of data from complex and often widely distributed installations can be translated into meaningful advice and trigger automated responses from business and operational systems. The acquisition of Ventyx brought to ABB enterprise software expertise that includes applications for optimization in asset-intensive operations, complementing ABB’s extensive expertise in power and automation technology for utilities and industrial customers.

The convergence of IT and OT pairs network control and process automation with communications and emerging big data technologies to enhance the reliability, safety and business performance of assets and systems across a range of industries. IT/OT convergence offers customers a unique, enterprise-wide view of their businesses, from the maintenance of their installed and mobile assets, through supply chain and workforce management.

“Software has become an essential component of the critical infrastructure we rely on in our daily lives, such as power grids and industry,” said Brice Koch, head of ABB’s Power Systems division. “The addition of Ventyx’s enterprise software portfolio enables us to combine the strengths of information and operational technologies to help our customers optimize their assets and enhance business performance.”


Source: ABB

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