How to specify a ball screw

Powertransmissions - How to specify a ball screwBall screws are available in a range of types, styles, and sizes. A few tips, though, will help you match the right ball screw with the right application.

1. You will have the best success with specifying a ball screw if you know the following information about your application:

Duty Cycle—the cycle rate, dwell times, and lifetime expectation.

Environment—harsh or rugged, wash down, heat extremes, or other requirements.

Load—the mass being moved.

Orientation—how the ball screw be mounted (vertically or horizontally).

Precision—what is the positional accuracy and repeatability need to be.

Speed—velocity and acceleration requirements.

Travel—stroke length.

2. Consider a preloaded ball screw

Preloading Ball Screw 300x292

Ball screw manufacturers can increase the rigidity of the ball screw through preloading—a step that reduces axial clearance between the ball nut and the screw shaft. In addition, preloading enhances positioning precision and repeatability. One of the more common preload options is the use of oversized balls. But other methods include the use of a double-nut. Manufacturers may also offset the raceway spiral, which can force the balls into a preload condition.

3. Know your need for speed

Manufacturers offer information on the operational speed limits that their ball screw system can handle. Variables that go into this determination include temperature, operating limits of the bearing and inertia of the bearing’s moving components.

The critical speed of a ball screw is the lowest speed at which the ball screw shaft is in resonance, i.e. where screw whip occurs. It depends on screw length and the end bearing mounting support. To prevent critical speed, select a larger screw diameter, choose the right bearings, and use proper screw supports.

Ball Screws Speed Calcs 282x300

Formulas to help determine critical speed

4. And of course, the next tip is to always use a good lubricant. Oil and grease are the common choices. Avoid ones with solid additives as they can clog the recirculating system.



Source: Linearmotiontips

NSK Develops Rolling Bearing Injected with World’s First Lubricant Grease derived from 100% food-grade ingredients

Powertransmissions - NSK Develops Rolling Bearing Injected with World's First Lubricant Grease derived from 100 Percent food-grade ingredientsNSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced that it has developed a lubricant grease made from 100% food-grade ingredients, the first of its kind in the world. The grease is registered as an NSF*1 category H3*2 lubricant.

The grease is injected in rolling bearings that have been added to NSK's SPACEA™ Series stainless steel rolling bearings. Samples of the new rolling bearings will be exhibited for the first time at the 26th INTERPHEX JAPAN trade show for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, taking place from July 10–12, 2013 at the Tokyo Big Sight venue in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

*1: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International is a not-for-profit, independent certification organization based in the United States that is recognized as an international authority in the field of public health and safety.
*2: Category H3 covers lubricants intended for food contact, and are used to prevent rust on trolleys or meat hooks such as used in meat processing plants. H3 lubricants must meet the highest standards for safety, exceeding that of H1 lubricants. Category H1 covers lubricants intended for use where the lubricant may incidentally come in contact with food.

Development background

Strict safety is required for machinery, production facilities, and medical devices that come in contact with foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. There is growing demand today for lubricant greases that meet NSF category H3 standards, which offer greater safety than NSF category H1 lubricants currently widely used in such applications.

NSF category H1 lubricants and greases based on rapeseed oil and other vegetable oils contain many non-food ingredients. These greases can also have performance drawbacks with decreased oxidative stability, resulting in problems with lubricity and durability.

NSK has been meeting diverse needs for lubricant greases used in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices industries. The company has developed a lubricant grease that is registered as an NSF category H3 lubricant and meets the highest standards for safety while realizing the following advantages.

更なる安全性の要求 ⇒ NSF カテゴリーH3対応の潤滑剤が求められる

Product features

1. Lubricant grease meeting the highest international standards for safety
The new grease is entirely made from food-based ingredients including the base oil, thickening agent, and additives. Only ingredients that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are used in the grease, which is registered as an NSF category H3 lubricant.
***: FDA:U. S. Food and Drug Administration
2. High performance
The new grease uses food-grade vegetable oil with excellent heat tolerance as a base oil, while the thickening agent contains food additives with a fine three-dimensional network for good retention of base oil. It is also formulated with ideal food additives that further enhance the durability of the base oil, resulting in a grease that offers better oxidative stability and lower friction loss than existing comparable greases. Used in rolling bearings, the new grease offers less leakage and better durability, even in environments that are exposed to water.
3. Sustainability
The grease is entirely made from ingredients derived from food sources, making it an environmentally friendly, petroleum-free grease. It is also naturally biodegradable and produces no toxic wastes, making it both a non-polluting and sustainable grease.

Product highlights

  1. Grease meeting the strictest international standards for safety
    • Lubricant grease developed by NSK that is registered as an NSF category H3 lubricant
  2. High performance (compared with category H1 lubricants for commercial food processing machinery)
    • One-third of the bearing friction loss (torque)
    • Capable of double high-speed operation
    • Excellent water resistance, achieving one-eighth of normal grease leakage for enhanced durability
  3. Environmental performance
    • Petroleum-free grease with excellent biodegradability

Product benefits

The new grease meets the strictest international standards for safety, and its use in bearings provides an assurance of safety for use in machinery, production facilities, and medical devices that come in contact with foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Compared with existing category H1 lubricants for food processing machinery, NSK's category H3 lubricant offers low friction loss and long life to realize energy savings and improved productivity in a wide range of industries including the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices industries. The new grease is environmentally friendly, highly biodegradable, and has a low environmental impact.

NSK is endeavoring to develop highly functional products and expand the SPACEA™ Series of stainless steel rolling bearings to meet the sophisticated demands of a wide range of industries.


Source: NSK

Plastic rod ends and bearings from Igus are significantly lighter than steel alternatives

Powertransmissions - Plastic rod ends and bearings from Igus are significantly lighter than steel alternativesIgus produces a complete range of plastic self-aligning rod ends, spherical bearings and thrust bearings claimed to be 80 per cent lighter than steel alternatives.

All Igus bearings including Igubal are lifetime tested through millions of vigorous cycles in a variety of environmental conditions.

The Igubal spherical bearing range comprises lightweight, plastic, self-aligning bearing components consisting of a variety of rod-end, press-fit and thrust bearings. The range also includes clevis joints, pillow blocks, detectable self-aligning bearings and flange bearings.


Key benefits
* Igus’s lightweight bearings offer high-performance properties, enabling engineers to reduce the costs, maintenance and downtime associated with their equipment and processes.
* Vibration, noise, chemicals and moisture can impede the performance of metal components, which can in turn cause an engineer real problems when a machine is in operation; however, bearings made from plastic do not have these issues.
* Igus bearings offer low coefficients of friction and high tensile strength, so time wasted on unscheduled maintenance is unlikely to occur.


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JTEKT CORPORATION fined by Canadian court for violation

Powertransmissions - JTEKT CORPORATION fined by Canadian court for violation

On July 12, 2013 was ordered by the Quebec Superior Court of Justice to pay a fine of CA $ 5 million for violation of the Canadian Competition Act in connection with past sales transactions * of automotive wheel hub unit bearings.
JTEKT has conducted the internal investigations in connection with the on-site inspection by the Japan Fair Trade Commission in July 2011 to investigate a possible violation of the Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade in Japan with respect to sales transactions involving bearings. Based on the fact which has come to light through the above internal investigations, JTEKT has fully cooperated with the investigation by the Canadian Competition Bureau and negotiated for a plea agreement. JTEKT finally concluded a plea agreement with the Canadian Director of Public Prosecution and was ordered the above fine.
As JTEKT treats this matter with the utmost seriousness, it has taken the appropriate
measures to prevent any recurrence and it has intensified its efforts to ensure compliance
with all applicable laws and regulations. JTEKT sincerely regrets the concerns.
THIS past sales transactions were regarding the wheel hub unit bearings for some
automobiles assembled by the TOYOTAMOTOR CORPORATION’s manufacturing
subsidiary in Canada.
Source: JTEKT

Kaman Signs Agreement to Acquire Ohio Gear & Transmission

Powertransmissions - Kaman Signs Agreement to Acquire Ohio Gear & Transmission

Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN) today announced that its Distribution Segment (Kaman) has signed a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all the assets of Ohio Gear & Transmission of Eastlake, Ohio. The transaction is expected to close by the end of July. Ohio Gear & Transmission will become part of Kaman’s Distribution segment.

Founded in 1973, Ohio Gear & Transmission is a distributor of mechanical power transmission equipment, bearings & electric automation systems as well as a designer and fabricator of specialized gearing products to industries, such as food, packaging, material handling, and general machinery. The company has one location and annual sales of approximately $9 million.

Steve Smidler, President of Kaman stated, “We are pleased to add Ohio Gear & Transmission to our mechanical power transmission product platform and welcome their employees to the Kaman team. Ohio Gear provides entry into the Cleveland market, which represents a new geographic region for us, and they also have design, build and assembly capabilities for a wide variety of standard and unique gearing products. With Ohio Gear we add a highly complementary business with a strong reputation, high quality products and excellent technical capabilities.”

Neal J. Keating, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Kaman Corporation, added, “This acquisition meets several strategic objectives for our distribution segment. It enables us to expand our geographic footprint into a major industrial market, increases our service capabilities and strengthens our core bearings and power transmission product platform.”

John Bauer, president of Ohio Gear & Transmission stated, “After 40 years as an independent distributor, we felt it was in the best interest of our employees, customers, and supplier partners to join forces with a major national firm. Our local knowledge combined with the scale and distribution expertise of Kaman will help us provide enhanced value to our customers.”

Source: Kaman

Minebea won the Bosch Global Supplier Award for the third time in a row

Powertransmissions -  Minebea won the Bosch Global Supplier Award for the third time in a row

The Bosch group presents the Bosch Global Supplier Award every 2 years to its supplier companies that have manufactured and supplied products or services particularly well.
This is the 13th time the Bosch group honors its suppliers and the award was given to 38 suppliers out of 9 countries.

Minebea is the only bearing manufacturer among the award winners in a wide variety of industries. We are awarded for the third time in a row in the "Raw Materials and Components" category.

Daishiro Konomi, General Manager of Regional Affairs for Europe for Minebea commented "it is our great honor to be awarded. As a component supplier, we will make the utmost effort to earn the trust of our customers and the reliability in our produtcs".


Source: Minebea

SKF Expands Machine Tool Spindle Services

Powertransmissions - SKF Expands Machine Tool Spindle ServicesSKF capabilities to repair, rebuild, and/or upgrade machine tool spindles have expanded with dedicated in-house spindle service facilities and engineering support equipped to handle virtually any spindle brand and type. All spindle repair, rebuild, and upgrade services are executed in fully outfitted, state-of-the-art machine shops in Highland Heights, Ohio, and Houston, Texas, with the ultimate objective to return machine tools to enhanced levels of productivity and efficiency.

The extensive portfolio of SKF spindle remanufacturing capabilities includes advanced spindle analysis and testing, engineering, precision grinding, machining, parts repair and manufacture, motor design and manufacture, custom modifications, balancing and vibration analysis of complete assemblies, and spindle component balancing, among many others. Teams of extensively trained, experienced, and highly skilled engineers and technicians deliver optimized support for successful outcomes.

SKF can remanufacture the widest range of spindle types, whether belt-driven, coupled-driven, gear-driven, direct-drive, or standard or high frequency motorized versions. Spindle upgrades – whether relatively simple or complex – can be performed to boost spindle performance, speed, and/or versatility, whether involving improved bearings, enhanced sealing systems, or shaft and housing redesigns or modifications, among many other options. Spindles additionally can be customized to meet particular application demands and repair requests can be made on-line for quick response and turnaround.



Source: SKF

SKF WAVE seal generates up to 35% less heat

Powertransmissions - SKF WAVE seal generates up to 35 Percent less heat

SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has launched the SKF WAVE seal, a low friction shaft sealing solution that boosts sustainability and minimises failure in a range of applications. The innovation is one of many recent advances from SKF that combine increased efficiency with enhanced performance.
The SKF WAVE seal achieves these improvements through a specially moulded lip that forms a wave pattern around the shaft surface, pumping lubricant back to the bearing, while pushing contamination away, regardless which way the shaft is turning. The specially designed lip extends seal lifespan by generating up to 35% less heat at the contact point, reducing incidents of premature seal failure caused by heat, blistering, hardening or lubricant breakdown. The SKF WAVE seal also creates 20% less friction torque, and provides greater lip lubrication than standard lip versions, offering a more environmentally-friendly sealing solution on many levels.
The seal is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including gearboxes, speed reducers, transmissions, motors, drive systems and pumps. To enable the maximum number of users and applications to benefit from the SKF WAVE seal, versions are available with a pressure profile for applications where pressure differential across the seal is higher than normal.
The SKF WAVE seal can be supplied in nitrile or fluoro rubber to fit shaft diameters from 12 to 280mm. A non-hardening, water-based polyacrylate coating on the outside diameter of the seal helps fill small imperfections in the housing bore.
Source: SKF

FAG split spherical roller bearings – simple and quick to mount

Powertransmissions - FAG split spherical roller bearings – simple and quick to mountFAG split spherical roller bearings simplify and speed up bearing replacement, particularly in areas that are difficult to access such as shafts with multiple supports. In a split bearing, the inner ring, the outer ring, and the roller and cage assembly are divided into two halves that are clamped together with screws. Using the split version of these bearings allows numerous process steps to be omitted during mounting and dismounting. This means that downtimes can be significantly reduced and correspondingly high cost savings can be achieved. Because the dimensions have been exactly matched, the split spherical roller bearings can be installed in the same space as their unsplit counterparts (including the adapter sleeve). Applications include belt drives, paper machines, ships, conveying equipment, converters, rolling mills, and ventilation-related systems.

Splitting means improvement

In many applications, the spherical roller bearing is mounted on the shaft in such a complex fashion that it is also necessary to remove all the adjacent components in order for it to be replaced. This leads to long downtimes and complex additional tasks such as the removal of gears, clutches, and drive units. Extra costs are also incurred for additional replacement parts, tools, personnel, and even crane rental. When the split bearing version is used, most of these process steps are no longer required and the associated additional costs no longer arise. Mounting and dismounting can be carried out significantly faster and are simplified, especially in bearing positions that are difficult to access. Schaeffler offers split spherical roller bearings for shaft diameters ranging from 55 mm to 630 mm. In most cases, the outside diameter, the outer ring width, and the diameter of the shaft seat match the dimensions of the standard spherical roller bearings, including the adapter sleeve, so the bearings are interchangeable without any problems.

Application example: Installation of a split spherical roller bearing on the exhaust gas fan of a chemical plant

The spherical roller bearing in the exhaust gas fan of a chemical plant, which had an outside diameter of 230 mm, was in need of replacement. In the past, this application employed unsplit bearings that caused a downtime of 14 hours and generated costs of approximately 280,000 euros every time a bearing replacement was carried out. In addition to the immense outlay for the production stoppage, this included the costs for personnel, additional outlay for the alignment of the shaft, crane rental, and a further replacement bearing. With the FAG split spherical roller bearing, the downtime was only three hours and the overall costs 60,000 euros. The additional alignment, the crane rental, and the further replacement bearing were not required. The customer saved around 220,000 euros by using the split bearing.

The inner ring, outer ring, and roller and cage assembly of FAG split spherical roller bearings are divided into two halves.

The split version simplifies and speeds up bearing mounting, especially at installation points that are difficult to access.


Source: Schaffler

Schaeffler’s Wheel Hub Drive Proves a Success in the Silvretta E-Car Rally

Schaeffler’s Fiesta E-Wheel Drive concept car successfully competed against other electric vehicles in the Silvretta E-Car Rally Race held for the fourth time in Montafon, Austria. The pre-production model featuring innovative electric wheel hub drives was developed on the basis of a Ford Fiesta in collaboration with Ford. The electric vehicle race over three alpine stages on three days required the drivers to make economical use of kilowatts, volts and amperes to avoid penalty points and finish with sufficient battery charge. The E-Wheel Drive wheel hub drive is an advance development project of the automotive supplier Schaeffler and Ford. During the alpine tour, however, it showed an impressive performance among the other electric vehicles, several of which are already in volume production.

“Schaeffler wanted to gain additional experience with regard to the level of development of our drive that is intended for the electric city vehicles of the future”, explains Prof. Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer at Schaeffler. “We completed the challenging three-day Silvretta E-Car Rally with the pre-production model without any problems even on long and steep hills and during downhill driving with energy recovery, which is a significant advantage offered by electric vehicles.”

The Fiesta E-Wheel Drive is powered by two highly-integrated wheel hub drives that are installed in the rear wheel arches. All components required for driving, deceleration and driving safety, such as electric motor, power electronics and controller, brake, and cooling system, are fitted in the wheel rims. They boast technical key data of 40 kW per drive, and a continuous output of 2 x 33 kW. When viewed as a traditional reading, this equates to 110 and 90 horsepower, respectively. The liquid-cooled wheel hub drive delivers up to 700 Nm of torque. The electrical voltage of the high-voltage drive is 360 - 420 V.

“The B-segment vehicle serves as a pre-production model. However, wheel hub drives have to be integrated into new vehicle concepts in order to demonstrate their strengths to the full,” explains Prof. Peter Gutzmer, who shared the cockpit with Prof. Pim van der Jagt, Managing Director of Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe. “Thanks to this highly-integrated wheel hub drive, we can now re-think the city car without restrictions,” says Prof. Peter Gutzmer. “This drive will be a key factor in new vehicle concepts and automobile platforms in the future. For electric vehicles used in urban environments, which may become obligatory in many densely populated areas, the wheel hub drive enables previously unknown space savings that cannot be achieved with internal combustion engines. In these new vehicle concepts, all components that are relevant for propulsion, braking, and driving safety are housed inside the wheel. The vehicle platform therefore provides maximum space for passengers, luggage, and for the battery, electronics, and communication systems.”


Source: Schaeffler

Kaydon Bearings unveils bearing selector tool

Powertransmissions - Kaydon Bearings unveils bearing selector tool

Muskegon, Michigan, USA...Kaydon Corporation Bearings Division has added an interactive bearing selector to its website.

"The selector makes it easy for engineers and designers to search our standard thin section bearing catalog by dimensions or part number," said Les Miller, Kaydon vice president of engineering. "Results include 2D and 3D drawing downloads, making the selection process easier."

The bearing selector allows users to search by bore size, outside diameter, and/or width minimums and maximums, in inches or millimeters. It also makes it easy to find a part's dimensional information and 3D drawings if the user knows all or a portion of a part number. The selector includes Reali-Slim® open, sealed, stainless steel, and metric bearings; Endurakote®-plated bearings; and Ultra-Slim® extra thin section bearings. Learn more about the benefits of thin section bearings.

Selector results can be further refined using Kaydon Reali-Design® engineering software, which computes basic life and load analyses and safe operating speeds.


Source: Kaydon

ContiTech Outstanding Interior Surfaces

Powertransmissions - ContiTech Outstanding Interior SurfacesWith materials made by Benecke-Kaliko, the new Opel Adam wins design prize for the best interior of a production car

A major award for an iconic city car and its interior surfaces made by Benecke-Kaliko: At the "Automotive Interiors Expo 2013" trade show in Stuttgart, the new Opel Adam won the design prize for the best interior in a factory-built vehicle. It is the first factory-built vehicle to feature Benecke-Kaliko's new scratch-resistant surface materials. The Opel designers benefited from Benecke-Kaliko's unique simulation technology. It allowed for realization of the best-possible dashboard design.

The international jury of renowned motoring journalists awarded the prize in recognition of the almost limitless personalization options for the interior styling of the Open Adam. The nearly 82,000 combinations feasible make it possible to fulfill almost every wish. Round instruments in the classic chronograph style, distinctly trendy lighting, chrome-finished controls, and the highly scratch-resistant TEPEO 2® Protect surface on the dashboard are all important design features.

Benecke-Kaliko took two years to develop this innovative material. The secret to its scratch-resistance lies in the use of polymers that elude sharp objects. On contact with hard edges, the elastic material simply yields before returning to its original form. Acella® cover material, also made by Benecke-Kaliko, reinforces the positive impression in the cockpit. It is used for the two-tone door inserts, while Beneron® compact foil is employed for the heelmat.

The numerous personalization options also pose a major challenge for the design teams. Instead of the usual handful of interior variants, thousands were developed for the Opel Adam. In addition to different color combinations, customers can also choose between different surface grains. Benecke-Kaliko was able to assist Opel here with its unique simulation technology.

3D-simulation helps save a lot of time and money in the development phase. It simulates the manufacture of components such as dashboards and door trims down to the smallest detail. Benecke-Kaliko was thus able to assist Opel with the dashboard in the design stage. It was in a position to provide rapid feedback on whether the requested design could be realized and where thin areas, creases or grain distortions might occur. As Michael Mäker, head of the Technology Center for Surfaces at Benecke-Kaliko explains: "End consumers would not be willing to accept relatively large and uneven distortions, particularly in the case of technical grains of the kind used on the Opel Adam." The Benecke-Kaliko simulation allowed the dashboard to be optimized for the best result. The latest version of the Surfvis™ 3D simulation program can represent the grain itself, enabling a photo-realistic display of the surfaces on the component.

Commenting on the award, Benecke-Kaliko Executive Board chairman Dr. Dirk Leiß noted: "This prize is another outstanding example of the surface expertise of the Benecke-Kaliko Group. In the end, our willingness to try out new things, our enthusiasm, and our creativity and initiative were rewarded."

The design award for the ambitious Opel Adam concept, with innovative interior materials made by Benecke-Kaliko, is not the first such prize conferred. Just launched in April of this year, the new model has already won five titles as part of the respected "Plus X Award" innovation competition as well as the important Red Dot Design Award.


Source: Contitech


Helio Castroneves visits SKF’s U.S. base in Montgomery County

Powertransmissions - Helio Castroneves visits SKF's U.S. base in Montgomery CountyTOWAMENCIN TWP., Pa. -

They say there's no rest for the weary, and that's certainly true for one INDYCAR driver.

Helio Castroneves is in Towamencin Township, Montgomery County.

He's visiting the U.S. headquarters of one of his team's sponsors, SKF.

Castroneves finished eighth in Sunday's "Pocono INDYCAR 400."

It was the first INDYCAR race at Pocono Raceway in 24 years, and it was the racer's first visit to the Monroe County track.

"It's an amazing event. I was very happy and surprised about the crowd," said Castroneves. "People really embrace INDYCAR's great to go back after so many years."

SKF is a Swedish company that makes ball bearings, seals, and other parts.

The company's 23-million dollar U.S. headquarters sits on a former brownfield.

It features more than a million dollars worth of environmental enhancements.


Source: WFMZ

Emerson strengthens liquid hydrocarbon flow computer to seamlessly integrate with Flow-Cal’s Enterprise Liquids measurement system

Powertransmissions -  Emerson strengthens liquid hydrocarbon flow computer to seamlessly integrate with Flow-Cal’s Enterprise Liquids measurement system

Flow-Cal’s liquid file format provides new capabilities to the ROC800L to enable users to accurately measure flow, improve productivity, reduce costs and increase measurement data security with better insight to their operation

HOUSTON (July 9, 2013) – Emerson Process Management and Flow-Cal Inc., the market leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids, announced that Flow-Cal’s liquids CFX file format is now generated in the Emerson ROC800L flow computer. This added capability within Emerson’s flow computer creates a seamless interface from the field to Flow-Cal’s Enterprise Liquids measurement system. Users of Emerson’s flow computer have the ability to rapidly deploy this solution, improve productivity, reduce cost and increase measurement data security with better insight to their operations.

The version 7 CFX file format allows for the import of liquid data into the FLOWCAL measurement application which automates the complex process of batch and ticket processing. Data generated from the CFX file includes flow information, CTL and CPL, meter configuration, and analysis. The Flow-Cal CFX file format is a secure, binary format which retains data integrity by ensuring the measurement data cannot be changed or manipulated. Generating the file format within the Emerson flow computer offers an additional level of data security.

“The CFX export created by the ROC800L meets all the requirements of Flow-Cal’s latest format for liquid measurement,” states Michael Squyres, president of Flow-Cal, Inc. “This simplifies the process of an operator using Flow-Cal’s industry leading application to validate, edit and report the data provided by the ROC800L. Working together, Flow-Cal and Emerson offer another seamless solution to address the latest needs of our evolving industry.”

The ROC800L covers a wide variety of applications for liquid handling across a full range of liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil, refined products, special application products, lubricating oils, and light hydrocarbons. The ROC800L leverages the easy-to-use architecture of the ROCseries, offering fill-in-the blank configuration that brings users online faster.

“The recent modifications to the ROC800L have been in response to the demands of the growing liquids market,” says Craig Llewellyn, president, Emerson Process Management, Remote Automation Solutions. “Generating the CFX file will improve operations by offering a new level of data security and seamless integration for our clients.”


Source: Emerson

NHBB Acquires European Company Specializing in Ceramic Bearing Technology

Powertransmissions - NHBB Acquires European Company Specializing in Ceramic Bearing TechnologyNew Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (NHBB), a leading US-based bearing supplier to the aerospace, defense, dental, and medical markets, and subsidiary of Minebea Co., Ltd., has acquired all of the shares of CEROBEAR® GmbH, the world’s preeminent manufacturer of innovative bearings featuring technologically advanced ceramics.

This strategic acquisition provides significant competitive advantages to both companies. CEROBEAR gains access to the global manufacturing and marketing resources of NHBB and Minebea, enabling the company to rapidly expand its worldwide customer base in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. By partnering with CEROBEAR, whose core strength is ceramic technology development, NHBB is now in a position to assist its aerospace customers with the adoption of ceramic bearing technology in a wider range of aircraft applications. Ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearing technology is gaining wider acceptance with aircraft and engine manufacturers as they continue their search for innovative materials and solutions that reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency.

As a result of the acquisition, CEROBEAR becomes a part of the NHBB/myonic Business Unit within the global manufacturing conglomerate, Minebea, and will operate as an independent subsidiary under NHBB. With the addition of CEROBEAR this month and myonic GmbH in 2009, the NHBB/myonic Business Unit now operates three manufacturing facilities in the US, two in Germany, and one in Czech Republic.


Source: NHBB

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